End of year up-date by co-director,
Professor Robert Norman

CRE PCOS Website and eNewsletter

The CRE has spent time building a website that reflects the needs and functions of the project, along with an enewsletter, we now present to our members and stakeholders a website that fulfills our requirements for now and that we can build on for the future. Feedback on the website can be sent to info@pcos-cre.edu.au.


The Training and Capacity Building Committee has called for applications for grants for scholarships, travel grants, seed funding and PhD top-up grants and have to date handed out quite a lot of funding. A list of recipients can be found on the Professional Development pages.

In November 2016, the CRE PCOS will be holding an AGM on the 9th and 10th November 2016 to coincide with the Androgen Excess PCOS meeting orgnaised by the AEPCOS Society from 10 – 12 November to be held for the first time ever in Australia. Bookmark the dates in your diary, registration details will follow. As this meeting will be held in Lorne, Victoria, the CRE will fund all Chief Investigators and Associate Investigators for travel and accommodation for the CRE component of the meeting and will contribute towards the registration costs for the AEPCOS meeting, this will be confirmed at a later date.

Evidence Based Guidelines

There is a lot going on with the evidence-based guidelines, negotiations have taken place with European and American colleagues as well as others around forming an international evidence-based guideline. As you may be aware, members of the CRE have contributed heavily to the WHO Guidelines on Infertility, particularly in PCOS, and these are likely to be circulated and discussed in the next couple of months. The Europeans are very much on side with Australia’s position, and an application has gone in to ESHRE for funding for these guidelines. Our interaction with the Americans, although very cordial, has been partly hindered by an increasing number of statements being produced by various societies that are not entirely evidence-based. We are hoping to be able to negotiate a more effective way of engaging with them.


Helena Teede is working with a dedicated group seeking to change the name of PCOS, there is ongoing discussion about how to influence this and also what the nature of the name change should be.


All of this indicates that as Australians we are making a contribution to PCOS research, guidelines, policy and health delivery that far outweighs our numbers. This is a direct outcome of the PCOS Alliance which is now being translated through to the Centre for Research Excellence and I am very optimistic that we will continue to be highly influential in a positive way in improving outcomes for patients and for policy.

Professor Robert Norman is the Co-Director NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome