CRE Update and Latest News

There is an enormous amount of activity occurring in the Centre for Excellence in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (CRE) at an international level with respect to the proposed new international guidelines. The CRE International Advisory Committee will be meeting in June in Geneva to discuss progress and there will be a series of meetings throughout the ESHRE and ASRM conferences of the guideline development groups.

Helena and I were very pleased that the NHRMC CRE in PCOS co-sponsored with ASPIRE to run a master-class on PCOS in Vietnam in January this year. While only three Australian’s attended, our influence in the Australian region is really strong and we have been asked to speak at the Indian PCOS Society next year. In addition, I was invited by the to speak at their international meeting in Cape Town last month, on the guidelines and the CRE. The meeting was attended by 2,000 obstetricians and gynaecologists from around the world, which provided an excellent platform to present our progress.

It is clear that a lot of research work is appearing in Melbourne, under the guidance of Helena Teede and her team. This is not all funded by the CRE and that group is showing enormous initiative in gaining the funds from many different sources. This is founded on excellent leadership and willingness to collaborate. We have activity in Perth and Sydney through Roger Hart and other colleagues and the task remains to try and create more activity in Adelaide and other parts of the country. I would like to mention that Ray Rodgers in Adelaide has been an extremely strong supporter and innovator in the PCOS area and the CRE team.  I would also like to thank Michaela Baker (who’s now moved to the Sunshine Coast) and Rachel Kontic who works part time for the CRE in Adelaide. The activity in the CRE is energetic but quite patchy around the country and I think it is our task is to make it more homogeneous so that we’re well placed for a reapplication to the NHMRC in the next two years.

Rob and Helena

Professor Rob Norman and Professor Helena Teede are co-chairs of the NHMRC-funded Centre for Excellence in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (CRE).