It’s been nearly six months since the Guideline was published in three journals and at least three simultaneous publications with many others to follow. I have personally presented in China and Vietnam as well as at ESHRE in Europe, while Helena has given multiple talks and so have many of the Chief Investigators and First Investigators. I am currently in Cape Town and have been listening to Joop Laven, Selma Witchel, and Helena talking to the International Congress of Endocrinology. Helena says that presentations have been made at more than 70 meetings and that we’ve been in personal contact with more than a million people. The Ask PCOS app has been very successful and is now free to anyone who wants it. We have published in the Medical Journal of Australia and our efforts have been recognised internationally.

As we look to the future, we are hoping that we can extend our skills, collaborations and knowledge into new areas of women’s health, which may include infertility and early menopause. We are putting in an application for a new Centre of Research Excellence to NHMRC and hoping that we can secure a new sum of money to continue to upgrade the Guidelines to PCOS and to extend to other conditions involving women’s health. Our funding comes to an end in December 2019 and it has been a privilege for us to serve as Chief Investigators and Associated Investigators, on this mammoth task of developing the knowledge around PCOS and its application in research and clinical care.

We hope you have wonderful Christmas and that your funding applications will be successful and that for any of you who are concerned about your positions, that these concerns will be resolved.  We are lucky to serve and we are also lucky to receive the funding to do the things we love. We wish you a blessed festive season and a safe and happy New Year.


Helena and Rob