Ms Linda Downes, Project Manager of the Centre for Research Excellence in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, keeps us apprised of the Guideline update and expansion.

One of the major projects of the Centre for Research Excellence in PCOS is to update and expand the Evidence-based guideline for the assessment and management of PCOS, approved by the NHMRC in 2011.  The update to the guideline is an international collaboration involving many recognised researchers and multidisciplinary clinicians as well as consumers with PCOS.  The updated guideline is proposed to be the primary, international evidence-based guideline in PCOS, with many national and international societies/organisations agreeing to collaborate/partner with us and to contribute funding.

The guideline will be developed in compliance with the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council rigorous practices for developing evidence-based guidelines and will be submitted for NHMRC Council approval in approximately June 2018.

The project is governed by a Project Board (guided by an International Advisory Committee)and directed by Professor Helena Teede.

Progress to date:

  • Extensive national and international stakeholder consultation has occurred via a Delphi survey to identify topic priorities for inclusion in the guideline. To date, more than 600 survey responses have been received.
  • Five international guideline development groups have been formed to develop evidence-based or consensus (where evidence is lacking) clinical guidance in the following theme areas:
    • Screening, diagnostic assessment, risk assessment, life-stage and adolescents
    • Screening, diagnostic assessment and management of emotional wellbeing
    • Lifestyle management and models of care
    • Medical treatment (ie metformin/OCP etc. for features of PCOS)
    • Screening, diagnostic assessment and management of infertility
  • Guideline development groups have determined topic priorities and clinical questions to be addressed in the guideline.
  • Evidence synthesis is well underway for all of the prioritised clinical questions to be answered in the guideline
  • International guideline development group meetings have been arranged to consider evidence reviews and develop guideline content. These meetings will be held in July 2017 in Geneva and November 2017 in San Antonio.
  • An extensive international campaign has been undertaken to invite collaboration in the project with national/ international peak societies/ organisations in PCOS. Uptake of the invitation has been phenomenal.  We now have 19 international and 7 national societies which have agreed to partner/ collaborate in the project.
  • A public consultation process will occur in late 2017/ early 2018. We will invite all stakeholder groups (societies/organisations), both nationally and internationally to comment on draft guideline content prior to finalising.

You will find further information about the CRE in PCOS here

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CRE Project Manager, Ms Linda Downes