Improving reproductive outcomes, fertility treatments

The CRE in PCOS New Knowledge topic ‘improving reproductive outcomes’ currently has two research projects,
as led by Professor Roger Hart:
  • Understanding and changing fertility management
  • Evaluating fertility treatments and pregnancy outcomes

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Improving reproductive outcomes

Understanding and changing fertility management

The impact of environmental factors and particularly obesity, on animal ovary and egg function is being studied using dietary manipulation, gene-knockout mice and examination of egg-cumulus complexes. IVF in PCOS has high complication rates, with risk of life-threatening ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome due to sensitivity to FSH. In new clinical research, we will link our science and clinical groups to expand experimental in vitro egg maturation in PCOS. We will establish different fertility treatment regimens, aiming to limit drug stimulation in infertility treatment. New research will optimise repair of affected eggs in PCOS, both in vivo and in vitro and develop radically new low-dose IVF regimens with reduced risks and costs.

Project Lead: Professor Roger Hart

Evaluating fertility treatments and pregnancy outcomes

Currently all IVF treatment outcomes are reported to the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistic Unit at UNSW. Through the proposed information system and registry platform, we will extend this reporting to ovulation induction and seek to add a requirement for IVF units to include mandatory PCOS reporting. We will contribute this information to the Australian Research Data Commons. We will use jurisdictional population data to follow pregnancy outcomes, children’s health, and other complications of fertility treatments such as cancers, through linkage studies. The CRE will fund project management, data management and biostatistics expertise to increase accessibility of data sources.

Project lead: Professor Michael Davies